BankForward Consulting, LLC - Advancing A New Model for Community Banking
These are challenging times, and we in the community banking industry are gaining "experience" in ways we never anticipated.  Community banks, though, are increasingly in need of outside expertise to assist with important--and sometimes urgent issues.  Executives need management strength to "triage" initiatives and avoid becoming consumed with internal and regulatory concerns.  BankForward can provide assistance with strategic initiatives and help during times of change.
BankForward offers subject matter expertise in three critical areas: 
  1. Core Competency development and Strategic Planning 
  2. Performance Metrics and Interest Margin Evaluation
  3. Vendor Management programs and outsource evaluation.
A Note About Valuations
BankForward has completed numerous valuation assignments, but we approach them with caution. Business valuations are of keen interest in these times of contemplated acquisitions and recapitalizations.  "Due diligence" assignments can be time-consuming and costly affairs if the scope and intended outcomes are not formalized in advance.  Before hiring outside talent for a full review, investors can get a pretty good indication of a bank's capital needs and balance sheet health with a Summary Diligence review.  Click on the attachment for more information as to what can constitute a Summary Diligence Review.
Nobody can be an expert at everything--and you don't do a client any favors by trying.  BankForward partners with advisory resources to provide quality expertise and services.  For example: property tax management.  Managing OREO property and tax liabilities is an "unnatural act" for a bank. Cold River Land Management offers a great solution.
Performance improvement isn't an's a process.  Our focus begins with consideration of what the client wants to accomplish, what success will look like and how we'll know when we've reached the intended outcome.  Performance improvement requires key metrics that can be tracked for direction and improvement.  Our performance improvement process has three steps, each of which asks a question:
  1. How Will We Keep Score?
  2. How Are We Scoring?
  3. How Will We Improve Our Score?
Our approach is to first frame the intended outcome, agree on the method of engagement and then deliver results.  We also like to follow up after completion of an engagement to check on the implementation of a solution.  No project is ever complete without execution. 
A Word About Pricing:
Our value proposition holds that no client should ever cut a check without feeling satisfied that the benefit received was in excess of the cost incurred.  N business can afford over-priced advice and limited follow-through.  We help our clients achieve full value for service.
Note:  Bob Koncerak joined Cold River Land, LLC as its president in February 2015.  Engagements are limited to existing clients and subject to conflict of interest policies in place at Cold River Land.